My Departed Friend - "Baxter"

Baxter was a male Silky Terrier. The breed originated in Australia in the early 1800's and came to America with servicemen returning to the USA following WW II. A Silky is quite a bit bigger than a Yorkie but still smaller than an Australian terrier, yet they all have similar character and coloring: generally tan, white, and black.

Baxter was born in 1992. He died in 2006, having lived 14 years and 4 months. This breed is very lively and very smart.

What we like best about this breed (we have had two Silkies) is that they do not chew on anything which they do not recognize as their own, they don't shed, and they announce clearly when they want to go outside to do their business.

On the beach at Hilton Head, he was Ambassador. Had I understood this as a high school student, I would have met a lot of interesting females on the beach at Atlantic City with a dog such as Baxter. But I did not know.

Three months later, we had two new Silkies to replace Baxter.

Sam on left, Maggie on right.
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Cyndy holds our "new kids" Sam and Maggie (litter mates) at the age of 11 months, wearing Winter sweaters, in February, 2007.

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This time Paul holds the Kids on their birthday, now at age 2. It is March 25, 2008, and the day is warm. We shoot by the pool. Maggie is the typical Silkie: long straight hair in silver, black, and tan. Sam has the rare curly hair, but same coloring.

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In March of 2010, Sam and Maggie are now 4 years old. I hold them in the garden which surrounds our drive court.

They always pose as if its a 19th century daguerreotype - never seen laughing.

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  The night Baxter died I composed a memorium for the biography I have been writing since 2001.
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