Paul V. Hartman


A Collection of Great Truths and Pithy Maxims.
The Fiction of "Rising" SAT Scores
What Guns Mean To Americans
The Seven Deadly Sins - A History
Who Was William Shakespeare?
DeTocqueville Had It Right
Global Warming - Greatest Hoax in Human History
Global Warming? No. Ice Age Instead
Very Large Numbers: What they Mean for Life's Origin
The Civil War Letter of Sullivan Ballou.
An Essay on the Creation v. Evolution controversy.
A Dentist, A Woodsman's Ax, and an Insurance Company
Princess Diana: A Retrospective
Words of Sanity Regarding the Immigration Controversy.
The Carcinogens Are Coming!   The Carcinogens Are Coming!
What is "Postmodernism"?
Apocalyptic Environmentalism (The Sky is Falling!)
The Collision Between Truth and Ideology
All You Need to Know About "Trade Deficits"
Who "Owns" The Land?
What "Modern Art" Has Become
The Spanish Flu of 1918 - History's Fastest Killer.
"Freedom" and "Liberty" Are Not the Same Thing
England Without the Monarchy: What Would It Be?
Is IQ Just An Elitist Notion?
All You Need To know About Coffee
A Page of Things Useful to Educated Readers ~ or ~
    to Those Wishing To Become More So.
Going Beyond Syntax (Information Theory and Entropy).
Democrat "Health Care".

Some Essays from here were moved to the History Page.