Democrat "Health Care"

~~ Paul V. Hartman ~~

...will be as good as the Education Program they have given America...

It will not come as news to any thinking American that the Democrats, now in charge of the White House, Senate, and House, plan to destroy American health care in order to make the lesser product "equally available to all." The engine driving this is the observation that there are a lot of people without health insurance. Note that it is not "poor people cannot get health care", because they do, all the time, but that "poor people cannot get health insurance." On the basis of the substantial difference between those two phrases, the Democrats seek ruin on "the enemy", (which is another example of successful capitalism) referred to as American health care delivery. The world's best. Thus, it must be destroyed.

Some Americans may believe this is a good idea, because it makes health care "equal" for all. Of course, congressmen always make sure that they are excluded from the calamity of their own legislation: note that they are not required to participate in Social Security and can participate in a very lucrative program instead. So much for "equal".

Anyhow, health care will go the way of education. The liberals have been working on American education for more than 50 years. It was once the world's best. Then the liberals started to emphasize social engineering over academics, and after 50 years what do we have: a system that rivals some of the "best" third world programs.

Americans score lower on international testing than all "Western" democracies and quite a few totalitarian nations. A decline, don't forget, fueled by ever larger infusions of money. American education has more bureaucrats, more administrators, more peripheral "social engineers", more "grief" counselors, than any educational system in the world, including the former Soviet Union. More money spent, in real dollars, per student, than any country in the world. And test scores continue to plummet.

But Democrats have learned that poor education is Good, because it keeps people at lower levels than they would have otherwise achieved. Why is this Good? Because such people remain dependent on government - specifically, Democrats. Which translates into More votes!

But they will gain more control over helpless Americans if they determine access to health care than they ever controlled by determining access to education. This is the last hurdle toward absolute government tyranny, since fooling Americans (made ignorant by the educational "program") is already well advanced.

The Democrats have this in mind, and will do it, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many presidential vetoes may slow it down. They want this more than anything. Prior to the Obama election, Democrats worked slowly, on the recognition that you don't drop a lobster into boiling water. You drop a lobster into water, and gradually bring the water to a boil.

But there is no longer need for such delay. America was always tilting slightly toward the Socialism that has made European commerce stagnant, and cultural living hollow. Full speed ahead with Obama! Change! Hope! Communism-light! Seize the moment, because by the time Americans wake up, it will be too late.

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