Global Warming - Greatest Hoax in Human History

~~ Paul V. Hartman ~~

Some Americans may wonder why politically involved Liberals, in collusion with environmental wackos, are so eager to wreck the economy of this country and that of most others throughout the world by severely cutting back on energy use and high technology. The answer is multi-faceted.

The first part has to do with the environmentalists, who either Believe that humankind is influencing weather patterns, or Wish it, in either case hoping that the state of the country can be forced to retreat back to some mythical golden age when people traveled on horseback and the planet was green and unspoiled. The trouble with this vision, in addition to the fact that humankind cannot influence weather patterns in the manner so imagined, is that the referent "golden age" was never golden.

We have more green and more trees in America now than we ever had in our recorded history and even before. Energy and technology advances mean that we do not die in childhood in the numbers which once consumed us. By any measurable standard - health, convenient living, travel opportunities, and leisure time, etc. - the "golden age" is always ahead of us, not behind, and is enhanced - not deterred - by our use of energy and technology.

The Clinton bunch got all this started, in bed with the wackos, and the Obama gang (with his compatriots from Islam) made even larger claims. It is clear for all to see who wish to see it: certain political steps may bring misery to many, but will be performed if there are votes in it. Politically involved Liberals sees votes in scaring the populace with visions of the planet boiling over, or the seas rising and flooding the coasts (what? lose Hollywood??) and such opinions have always enjoyed the willing support of the liberal press and "major media", which don't get votes but do sell newspapers and air time with the same hysteria.*

Is any of it True? The whole business, from a scientific point of view, does not hinge on whether atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased in the past 50 years (it has) but whether that is good or bad, and whether it has had any influence on global temperature. The weight of the scientific community is clearly on the side that it IS good, and that it has had no effect on temperature.

Long before humankind was of any significance, there were wide swings in global temperature, a result of many influences but mainly Solar Activity. The sun is not always cooking at the same temperature. When the sun is in a "short solar cycle", it is more active, and the excess energy released travels to earth to warm its surface. One of those peaks occurred in 1940, since which, temperatures have actually declined. If it were true that humankind through the use of energy and technology was "warming" the planet, (and since energy use has increased linearly since 1940), shouldn't the temperatures be going up rather than down? The obvious answer is Yes if the premise is true. But we know the answer is no. Thus, the premise is false. It is not what we do that changes the global thermostat, it is what the sun does. If you want to control the earth's temperature, you are going to have to figure out how to control Mr. Sun.

But what of the "greenhouse gases", you ask? They have indeed increased, and that has had a very positive effect. Greenhouse gases produce - now this is original - a greenhouse effect! We have more things growing around the globe then at any time in centuries! Isn't this one of the things the environmental wackos want? Well, Yes, but...

It turns out that the Wackos have a larger agenda which obliges them to ignore the obvious. The larger agenda is Control. (And money. There is always money - and power - in political movements.) The wackos cannot get control if everybody is happy with the status quo, so they will dismiss the greening in order to continue the agenda, which is that we must stop raising greenhouse gases because they are raising the earth's temperature.

Except that they are not. Greenhouse gases have increased in the past 50 years and the earth's temperature has declined. All the more so since 1998. In fact, it appears that increases in CO2 FOLLOW increases in temperature, not the other way around.

This observation is completely ignored by Owl Gore and the Warmists of this world, and the major media always avoid asking the relevant questions that would make such posturing embarrassing. (Owl Gore only delivers prepared speeches - he has never debated the topic.) Since the actual scientific data appears to refute rather than support the contention that the planet is warming, politically involved Liberals and the wackos have shifted the emphasis to: Computer Models!

By teasing a computer program this way or that, you can actually make the program predict higher global temperatures with rising greenhouse gases. YOU MUST IGNORE THAT THIS IS NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING. You must give full weight to the notion that it Might happen, because, as we all know, this IS what happens in an actual greenhouse even if it does not happen with the entire planet. Hmmmm - maybe there are other factors....naaaah!

The government solution - the political solution - is that there must be a massive retreat in the use of energy and technology. Yes, it will cost us billions in productivity. Yes, people will lose jobs. Yes, it will make life more inconvenient. Yes, it will lower humankind's contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide. (Volcanos contribute much more - please don't consider this.) Yes, there will actually be fewer trees and fewer green things that animals eat. Yes, there will be a return of horseshit on our thoroughfares. Yes, there will be famine.

The average American is well aware that the weatherman can't even predict what will happen tomorrow, yet seems willing to rely on "computer models" to rearrange their lives for the worse. If that is your idea of a good long range strategy, vote for politically involved Liberals. If it is not, and you are truly concerned about the type of life that will be led by all the people of the earth as we proceed through this millenium, read the real science and refute the wacky science. Make the Environmental Wackos Prove what they say. Its time to put up or shut up.

And one more thing: has even a single scientist ever said what the global temperature Should Be? All they ever say is that the current temperature is either too high or too low. Too high or too low from WHAT? What is the Ideal Temperature?

This is the Greatest Hoax in Human History. In less than 10 years we will laugh at anyone who ever believed it, just as we laugh now at anyone who believes the Earth is flat. Will you be among them?

Phrases as ignorant as "global warming":
"green jobs", "carbon footprint", "cap and trade", "the sky is falling".

"A consensus of gossip is gossip none the less..."  - climatologist, warming skeptic, unnamed

People who believe that humans are causing the planet to get warmer also believe:
- A planet growing cooler is better than a planet growing warmer.
- The population is growing too large.
- Humans are the worst of living things on the planet.
- There is too much inequality in the world.
- A world government would be the best government.
- Energy supplies are running out.

*The hysteria is now AT the newspapers, and network TV, which are all crashing and burning. Following their Liberal agenda, they have written off more than half the country, and seem to have no clue what is wrong, and how to reverse the slide. Do not invest in any newspaper. They are all going to a single Sunday edition (which will include all the advertising bulletins, coupons, and the TV guide) or going bankrupt. One or the other.

Unless - and this is unlikely - they return to identifying "journalism" as reporting the facts, instead of the biased Opinions of the newspaper. There is more to this, such as the "chic-a-fi-cation" of the news (Hollywood-looking female "news" reporters) but I have said enough already.

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