Best Overused Super Bowl Phrases

Guests gathering at a Super Bowl Party (or for that matter any regular season game) and wishing to appear familiar with this sanitized contact sport may avail themselves of this list. Every line on this page will be uttered at least once by the marginally educated sportscasters chosen for this game according to their "excellence" displayed in past performances.

In a 60 minute game (which takes 3 hours to play) there are actually only 7 minutes of "action." The rest of the time is "making plans", unpiling, removing wounded, etc. Your effort, then, should be directed to that moment when the burst of "action" is just concluded, and then delivering one of the lines that follow on this page.

Do not be concerned that the line you utter does not correctly match the action that has just occurred on the screen; this has never mattered to the sportscasters covering this game, and they are getting a lot of money for doing it, too. A man named Pat Sommerall has spent his adult lifetime reading randomly from this list. So have fun. Get involved.

1. It's a game of inches.
2. He runs well without the ball.
3. They have good field position.
4. They gotta get the (running)(passing) game going.
5. This will probably put the game away.
6. That ties a Super Bowl record.
7. He is being attended-to on the field.
8. The (running)(passing) game has been completely shut down.
9. He has done wonders with the Specialty Teams on this ball club.
10. He just got his bell rung, is all.
11. He is regarded as the best player to ever play that position.
12. He has the best hands in the bizness.
13. He called his own number.
14. That looked like a busted play.
15. That's where its happenin' - down in the trenches.
16. There's no way the're gonna keep Him outta there.
17. But he didn't have both feet in-bounds.
18. They run that formation better than anyone.
19. He's carrying the ball like a loaf of bread...
20. This is the best field position they have had all day.
21. You Havta establish the running game.
22. They are feeling one-another out.
23. They need a few yards for breathing room.
24. It looks like he threw that one away.
25. It ain't over till its over.
26. We have a Great half-time show for you, folks!

Further suggestions appreciated.

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