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March/April 2003:

Hartman plays the Biblical character Nicodemus (second year in a row) in the church play entitled "The Borrowed Tomb".

Nicodemus tells Mary Magdalene that he deserves to be stoned for his ignorance regarding the Messiah. He hands her the stone to start with.

On the last performance night he joins two other major players - Skeeter and Hannah - for the post-curtain photo shoot.

There were 38 cast members and another 22 in the choir.

December, 2003:

Hartman plays a Commander of American army troops in WW II Italy, in a play entitled "A 1940s Christmas Homecoming".

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The cast, dressed, circa, 1940s.

March, 2004:

A cameo this time. (No photos.) The Easter presentation is a musical (Hartman can't sing) with silent Biblical film clips interspersed in which dialogue will be sung live by chorus members. Hartman plays the father of the Prodigal Son. Two hours were spent in video of the scene, which was edited down to about seven minutes. On opening night, the short scene, with its nice musical accompaniment, is impressive.

February 10 - 11, 2006:

A Valentines treat and a fund raiser for church expansion. "Mayhem in Mayville" has a young cast and I play the only old character - Police Chief Cooper. Those who come to this mystery dinner theater are overwhelmed by the level of the acting in it. And so am I, since I have been at all rehearsals and I think this play will be a bust. But it is a hit. A dark comedy, the audience on both nights is laughing and snickering from the opening lines.

We will do this again.

April, 2009:

An Easter Musical. This time, Hartman is Narrator. The production is church choir with some short videos and still frames on overhead projection.

March, 2013:

A Palm Sunday Illustrated Sermon entitled "The Gardener". A cast of 10 does an interesting job of portraying characters who have learned that the Tomb is Empty!

December, 2014:

A Christmas Choir and Drama presentation entitled "A Night of Hope". A cast of 4 presents situations in which a sense of despondency is erased by the glory of the Christmas Event.

Christmas, 2015: I play The Innkeeper in a dramatic performance prior to a Christmas Eve candle-light service at Grace Fellowship. The town of Bethlehem has been created outside the church consisting of market people, the stable with Joseph, Mary, child, and various live barnyard animals, plus a Roman Centurian and a tax collector, the three Maji, and several others: the cast is about 20.

Left: Innkeeper awaits. Right: Tells travelers "Inn is Full!"

Easter, 2016: Our church presents "Lamb of God" a musical. I play the High Priest. I have no lines. I mouth a recorded voice-over, challenging Jesus to explain who he is.

Jesus has no lines. He mouths a recorded voice-over...

However, it was an exciting Easter musical, written by a church member, involving a cast of about 50 (including children) who appear and disappear with only scant seconds to move in and then get out during brief black-outs of the stage. A church member has written this very clever musical.

2016 church Easter Musical.

Next performance: Nothing scheduled.