Some Things Which Are No Longer Here

Looking For Old Friends

Many years ago (1996) I placed on this site a list of former friends (none of which had been in communication for 30 years or more - 1966 was the Benchmark year) which I was interested in talking or emailing with, 6 males and 6 females. In 2006, 10 years had run, and in that period I heard from only one in each category. Some time later, two more clocked in.

In 1996 very few people were using the Internet, but in 2006, nearly everyone was, and if any person Googled their own name, my request would have appeared early in the list. So I concluded that the remaining persons in each category were either dead, senile, Internet incompetent, or would prefer not to talk with me.

But if anyone is curious, the other males were Bob, Jim, Jim (2), Vernon, and Pete. The females were Carol, Joy, Gail, Peggy, Donna, and Helen. (I originally supplied full names, but will not do so now so that Google cannot identify them with me.)

So if those remaining wish to get in under the wire, they should email me before I become dead, senile, Internet incompetent, or would prefer not to talk with anyone. AND - they may be interested in the photos I have from those distant years in which we were all Young and Beautiful.

The Hartman Family - Details and Photos

My family members are unsure whether they wish to be identified with such a conservative character such as myself. In any case, none of them wish to be part of a website that is not their own. So - Google their names, and see if they come up. My daughter is a book author (Simon & Schuster) and TV personality. My bride is a great chef.

No Longer Doing What Others Do Better

90% of the traffic on this site is either the ESSAYS or the RESTAURANT REVIEWS. There used to be political pages here, but others came along who did them better. There were movie reviews here - others came along and did them better. And so on. I no longer review contemporary films, but I have a list of those which are my (enduring) favorites.


The infamous group of young men who launched their party group in Atlantic City in 1960 is no more. The last function which could be said to be "official" was in 2003. It was Homecoming at Princeton, and Yale won the football game.

The former club secretary wrote an essay entitled "The Death of the Hi Tides Club", but it has not achieved circulation. (I never received a copy.)   Sic transit gloria mundi.