In 1988 I wrote a Monopoly game which could be played as Human versus Computer ("One-on-One").  Over the next couple of years I perfected the game and released it to the world via a local BBS. It is a DOS game and I expected, as the years passed and games became more sophisticated, that my Monopoly game would arrive on the ash heap of history.

Curiously, that has not happened. I still receive email from people who play this game.

In late 1999 I re-coded the original Basic game to account for the substantial uptick in CPU chip speed. Users of the old version who download the current one will see only one apparent change: the (random) dice will be seen to roll, as they did in 1986 when PC machines ran at (an incredibly slow) 4.8 mHz!   This new version is 4.0

Click on the Monopoly board above and your web browser should download the Monopoly game. It is tiny, a mere 80k. UnZip it, and Run it. Instructions are contained within.

Note: some people can't download this game.
The problem is in your FTP program or its connection with your web browser, not here.
You can also try again using the url .
If that doesn't work either, then try this one

I obtained from gamehippo.com a better freeware Monopoly game. It has the traditional board, property cards, game tokens, etc., and is two or more players. (My game remains the only human versus computer.) It plays in DOS or Windows, is only 388k in size, and more clever than mine. Go to gamehippo and download it.

The real board game "Monopoly" is copywrite by Parker Bros/Hasbro.
This DOS game plays similar rules but is not the real thing, nor does it look like it.