When you arrive a song different from the 8 in the juke box may be playing.
We select one at random from this list:
Besame Mucho
Bewitched, Bothered, etc
Don't Get Around Much
Georgia On My Mind
Rhapsody/Paganini V.18
Never Going Back
Since I Fell For You
Stranger in Paradise
True Love Ways
Unchained Melody
Walk On By
Chanson du Matin
All songs are instrumentals because all songs are small Midi files.
Play the Opening Song again? Just click to do it.

One of the frequently used opening songs is a classical piano medley, present in the Jukebox
as Song #6.  The sequence is:  "Liebestraum" (Liszt),  "Nocturne in E-Flat" (Chopin),
"Traumerai" (Schumann), and "Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini, Var. 18" (Rachmaninoff).

This medley will play for 13 minutes 11 seconds, and then loop endlessly, unless you make another selection, or
hit "Music Off".  I assembled this medley from Midi songs using MidiCat.Exe, a free program which allows you to
concatenate as many midi files as you wish to string together. (Great website tool.) Google the name to get a copy.

Another concatenated midi string you may hear has these piano pieces: "Embrace Me", "More",
"And I Love Her", "Bewitched", "I Only Have Eyes For You", "Smile", "Besame Mucho", and
"Unchained Melody". These 8 midi songs take 25 minutes to play through, but do not repeat.