Global Warming? No. Ice Age Instead

~~ Paul V. Hartman ~~

...never has the science been so corrupt...

Why are American leftists sticking to the position that global warming is real, and humans are the cause? Two reasons:

1.) When citizens are afraid of a perceived outcome, they turn to government for the remedy.

Leftist politicians are always eager to add fearful citizens to its voting list. The fear can be real, or the fear can be unreal - doesn't matter. Leftist politicians gain either way. If a fear does not exist but one can be created, then it will be created. Even a small "crisis" can begin a fear.

2.) If there is both votes to gain and money to be obtained by the created fear - more then becomes the eagerness to promote the fear as being "real".

America has always been a fertile field for carnivals and snake oil salesmen, and there are many snake oil salesmen in this 21st Century, in politics and in the academy. "Global Warming" has good claim to being the "greatest hoax in history." And the money? It would have been the greatest payoff in the history of the world. Well beyond billions - the potential take was in trillions. Spread among a limited number of politicians and certain academics, and of course George Soros.

Over the past decade, some climate specialists have become much better than others at accurately predicting weather patterns on various parts of the planet. One such person is Piers Corbyn, a man with an envious record of correct forecasting, often being among the very few predicting things that the herd of weathermen consider absurd. Corbyn has been right, in recent years, when the climate herd has been dead wrong.

Corbyn studies the Sun. He has discovered that what the sun is doing at any given time has better predictive value than all of the "computer models" used by the various weather predicting bureaus. Corbyn identifies what the Sun is doing now, and then goes back among available records to see what weather patterns tended to follow the last time the Sun did "that".

In terms of known weather patterns on the planet for thousands of years as recorded by humans, and millions of years as recorded by nature, what the Sun is doing now is compatible with the start of a new ice age. Indeed, the start of a new ice age, based on cyclical patterns, is overdue.

What should we do? Well, we won't be the cause of a new ice age, and we will have absolutely no ability to change it. Not all the humans on the planet, following some "plan" in willing concert, will ever be able to stop an ice age. We could not have stopped planetary warming either.

Owl Gore is a snake oil salesman. The man with a room temperature IQ convinced millions, with a silly movie, that the earth was warming.

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