Based on "hit" sheets and how close to the top they appear on Google,
these are the Top Ten most popular pages accessed on the Hartman Web Site.

  • 01. Reader Tools: Infrequently Used Words to Know.
  • 02. History: The Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age.
  • 03. Essay: Post Modernism - What Is It?
  • 04. Essay: Global Warming: Greatest Hoax in History.
  • 05. History: Historical Origins of French Cuisine.
  • 06. Essay: A Railroad is the Width of Two Horses.
  • 07. Reader Tools: Useful French Phrases.
  • 08. Essay: Freedom and Liberty Are Not the Same Thing.
  • 09. Athens area Restaurant Reviews.
  • 10. History: Troy and the Trojan War.

    Those are followed by 11 through 20:

  • History: How Days of the Week got their Names.
  • History: Niccolo Machiavelli
  • History: Greek Mythology Simplified.
  • History: Greek Civilization Encapsulated.
  • History: The Measurement of Time.
  • Reader Tools: Word Facts.
  • History: The Civil War Letter of Sullivan Ballou.
  • History: The First Thanksgiving.
  • History: Who Was William Shakespeare?
  • History: "King Arthur": The Once and Future King.