For the Year 2007

Based on "hit" sheets and how close to the top they appear on Google,
these are the Top Ten most popular pages accessed on the Hartman Web Site this year:

  • 01. History Page - Historical Origins of French Cuisine
  • 02. Athens area Restaurant Reviews
  • 03. History Page: The Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age.
  • 04. "Oblivion: Tips & Tricks" (a WORD document).
  • 05. Reader Tools: Useful French Phrases.
  • 06. Hilton Head Island Restaurant Reviews
  • 07. History Page - "King Arthur": Once and Future King.
  • 08. Essay: Post Modernism - What Is It?
  • 09. Essay: A Railroad is the Width of Two Horses.
  • 10. History Page: The Crusades - We Only Won the First One.

    Those are followed by (in no order):

  • Reader Tools: Word Facts
  • History Page: Greek Mythology Simplified.
  • History Page: The Attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • History Page: History Begins at Sumer.
  • History: The Letter of Sullivan Ballou
  • History Page - Magellan's Place in History
  • History Page - The Gregorian Calendar

    Click HERE to see what the list looked like in 2006.