Shortest Books Ever Written

    Hiker's Guide To The Ho Chi Minh Trail
    A Millennium Of German Humor
    Automobile Design in India
    Sub-Saharan Architecture
    A Collection of Sonatas for Banjo
    Compendium Of Puerto Rican Nobel Prize Winners
    List of Popular or Respected Lawyers
    Archives of the Mexican Space Program
    Genghis Khan And The Mongols: A Feminist Perspective
    Art Garfunkle: How To Sustain a Musical Career
    Exploits of North Korean Fighter Pilots
    A Foreigner's Guide To Camping In Florida
    Finest Snorkel Locations in Norway
    The Amish Phone Book 
    The Chinese Influence in Ice Hockey
    Complete Guide To Arab Democracies
    Negroes I Have Met While Yachting
    Bowler's Guide To Health & Fitness
    Chess Masters From the Greater Antilles 
    Career Opportunities For Psychology Majors
    Essays on Freedom From Libya
    Al Gore:  The Wild Years
    The Technical Wizardry of the Samoans
    Through Detroit With Gun and Camera
    Motivational Speeches by Dr. Kevorkian
    Dutch Generosity Through The Centuries
    UNIX Made Easy
    Tennis Greats Among the Eskimo
    List of Non-Lesbian Feminists
    An Engineer's Guide to Fashion
    French Hospitality
    Great Recipes from the Standard English Cook Book
    Heterosexual Hangouts In Key West
    Great Chefs of Sierra Leone
    How Paperclips Work
    The List of Italian War Heroes
    The Complete Book of Jewish Business Ethics
    Ethiopian Tips On World Dominance
    Amelia Earhart's Guide to the Pacific
    My Argument For Democracy, by Ted Kennedy
    The NFL's Greatest Thinkers
    Operating Instructions For Scotch Tape
    Inventions From 8000 Years of African Civilization
    The Genius Of Barry Manilow
    Proud Parents Of Rock Musicians
    Social Occasions Requiring Hip Waders
    Fun Things to do with Licorice
    Jewish Sports Legends
    List Of Rap Songs With Positive Messages
    Household Uses For Plutonium
    The Irish In Israel:  A Retrospective
    My Core Values, by Bill Clinton
    World Leaders Born In Omaha
    Poems by Professional Wrestlers
    Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating Etiquette
    My Plan To Find The Real Killers, by OJ Simpson

Webmaster's Note: This list is intended to insult everyone - no race or ethnic group is excluded. Yet the only email ever received concerning this page is from Jews complaining about the short book Jewish Sports Legends. What do all these emails say? "What about Mark Spitz?"