Are You Looking For Me?

Paul Hartman     Paul V. Hartman     Paul Vincent Hartman     Paul V. Hartman, MD

These are the cities I have lived in:

Atlantic City, NJ   Margate, NJ   Irvington, NJ   East Orange, NJ   Jersey City, NJ
Rochester, MN   New Haven, CT   West Haven, CT   East Haven, CT   Milford, CT
Park Ridge, NJ   Saddle River, NJ   Ridgewood, NJ   Athens, GA   Hilton Head, SC

These are schools I have attended:

Atlantic City High School.     Drexel Institute of Technology.     Drexel University.
A 2nd college, deliberately unnamed.     New Jersey College of Medicine.
Mayo Graduate School.     Yale University School of Medicine.

Faculty Positions held at these schools:

Yale University School of MedicineUniversity of Georgia

Hospitals Where I Have Worked:

Jersey City Medical Center     Newark City Medical Center     Atlantic City Hospital
Atlantic City Medical Center     Mayo Clinic     Yale-New Haven Hospital
The Valley Hospital     Athens Regional Medical Center

My Name May Also Be Linked To These Names:

The Hi Tides Club     Margate City Beach Patrol     The Smutty Brothers
The Crusader (feature editor, managing editor)

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