"wherein we attempt to condense some of the more interesting
events of human existence into a page or two..."
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How To Remember Historical Events
Really Ancient (Unrecorded) History
The Last Ice Age
The Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age
History Begins at Sumer...
The Iron Age: What Does It Mean?
The Phoenicians: Great Seafarers and More
Greek Mythology Simplified
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Troy and the Trojan War
Greek Civilization Encapsulated
Our Debt to Themistocles
The Etruscans - Ancestors of the Roman Empire
The Amazons - Not a Myth
Who was "the Sibyl" ?
A Short History of the Roman Empire
Cleopatra: A Greek in Egypt
The Parthians: Little Known Empire Builders
The Sarmatians: Link to the King Arthur Legend?
A Short History of Early England
Untangling the Germanic Migrations
A Short History of The Vikings
St. Patrick and the Irish Contribution
Stephen - the Unknown King
Arthur of the Britons - the Once and Future King
The Cultural Legacy of Charlemagne
Genghis Khan and the Largest Empire in the World
The Crusades: We only won the first one
The Hundred Years War
Who Was Catherine Swynford?
The Bacon Brothers - Roger and Francis
Columbus: brave enough to go where no one else would
Who Was Guy Fawkes?
Nicolaus Copernicus and the Copernican Revolution
Magellan's Place in History
The Ottoman Empire: Large and Lengthy
Machiavelli - Father of Modern Political Science
The Gregorian Calendar
The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
Creole Languages
Terra Australis Incognita
The Voyages of Captain James Cook
The "Seven Years War" - Start of the British Empire
All You Need to Know About the French Revolution
The First Thanksgiving in America
The Attack on Pearl Harbor
A Railroad Track is the Width of Two Horses
Historical Origins of French Cuisine
How the Days of the Week Got Their Names...
The Measurement of Time

Better Late Than Never . . .

      Public school education has been in steep decline for 30 years, graduating young people under the presumption that they have actually Learned something when all they have had is a multi-year indoctrination into the correct Attitudes expected to be held on certain social situations. It is only many years later that students discover they were swindled. And then what - sue the teachers?

      Until rather recently, there was a body of information, regarding history, science, language and literature which all educated persons held in common. This greatly facilitated conversation and understanding among the better educated, and, indeed, identified which members of the population were "educated."

      Along came the egalitarians to tell everyone that it was terribly elitist, even racist, to have any common knowledge, especially if it is based on dead white males. Although this "knowledge" is in books and is available to everyone, not everyone will take the trouble to acquire it. These lazy folk - you know who they are - want every one to be as flat out stupid as they are. This is in perfect keeping with Liberal principles which, put basically, say that if All cannot have something, then None should have that something. Put another way, if All cannot be Equally happy, then All shall be Equally miserable! The main feature is that everyone be Equal.

      Are you willing to play this no-win game? On this page I am assembling short essays on historical events - representatives of those things which educated persons used to hold in common. Take 'em - they are free.

More to come . . .