The reviews found on these pages represent personal opinions based on experiences. We have found that much of what constitutes "restaurant reviews" are simply paid advertisements, or the text of the review has been provided by the restaurant owners themselves.
We do not solicit places to review, nor announce ourselves when we make reservations, or arrive. Restaurants selected for review are entirely at our whim, although we are encouraged to go to certain places based on what neighbors and friends tell us.
Of the two person review team, one is a gourmet cook with a published cook book. The other is an epicure, and a lecturer on the wine circuit for over twenty years. Both are world travelers.
Restaurants are scored with from 1 to 4 "golden gems" and half a gem is also possible. If our experience at a restaurant is in clear distinction to common opinion, we will postpone the review pending a second visit.
As to the cities chosen for review, we live in both places.
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